Privacy Policy

 Circle Square Solutions Ltd. respects your confidentiality. This statement (“Confidentiality Statement”) describes our privacy practices.

As consultant, on behalf of the Company, acknowledge that the information received or generated, directly or indirectly, while working as a Consultant for your organization on contract is confidential and that the nature of the business of the organization is such that the following conditions are reasonable, and therefore:

Consultant (s) engaged by the Company, agree not to disclose, directly or indirectly, any information with respect to any business conducted by the organization.  Without restricting the generality of the foregoing, it is agreed that we will not disclose:

  • Financial information, business plans, strategies for development or growth, or any other proprietary information not known generally to the public or in the public domain relating in any way to the business of the Association, or any other information regarding the management or method of operation of the organization, and
  • That we will not copy or reproduce, in any form, information provided to us by the Association for the purpose of distribution or use outside the scope of the attached contract, and that all documentation provided to us will be returned to the organization unless otherwise approved, in writing, by the authorities of the organization.