Our Services

Today’s governments and businesses face a complex world of legislation, regulation, policy and practice.  Your operating environment may sometimes feel more like a minefield than a level playing field.  Circle Square Solutions is founded on decades of practical, hands-on experience. We know that effective strategies for success in a complex world are developed by teams that are not only knowledgeable and experienced, but also understand the vital importance of respectful engagement and collaboration.

Our goal is to provide sound advice and support to you and your team and organization to achieve your initiatives and goals.

Circle Square Solutions provides strategic planning and consultation services through a team of experienced professionals from multi-disciplinary backgrounds.  Our expertise at the highest levels of government enable our team members to provide a unique perspective in problem-solving, public consultation, stakeholder engagement and negotiation processes to arrive at decision-making that is both respectful, practical and successful.

Our clients range from municipal, provincial and federal government agencies, including Crown corporations, associations, First Nations communities, and public and private sector organizations.